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Chie’s Jewelry Class at Studio 135
Instructor: Tomoyuki Chie Teratani
                Assistant Professor at FIT State University of New York


Chie has been a faculty member at Fashion Institute of Technology ("FIT") for the past 20 years and teaching over 2.000 students in their renowned Jewelry Design Program. He won the 2013 Niche Awards for Arts Educator of the Year.

Chie's Studio Jewelry Class is his own private Class.

A Small class open to those who want to make their own Jewelry for fun, want to prepare a portfolio to enter college or those who want to be a professional Jeweler.

This class is for all levels - beginners to experienced jewelers who want to expand their knowledge base and improve technique.


●Class Schedule  
     Wednesday Evening      6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
     Saturday Morning         9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

      *You may choose one day from the above schedule. Class schedule is subject

             to change.

●Class Fee    

     Tuition fee for 8 session $600.00  You can miss two classes.

                                   4 session $330.00  You can miss one class.

                      Pay per class        $90.00/class 


      *Please pay cash or check. (Make your check payable to:​ ​​Chie Teratani​​.)



      You will bring your own basic tools, files, sand paper, wax block etc.
          We will introduce you to various NYC stores for supplies as needed.

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